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About This Course

Welcome to the Healthcare Equipment Management and Maintenance online course!

This course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills required to effectively manage and maintain healthcare equipment to ensure optimal performance, safety and reliability. Whether you are a healthcare professional, biomedical engineer, technician, equipment manager or interested in pursuing a career in healthcare equipment maintenance and management, this course will equip you with the necessary skills to succeed in the field.

Throughout the course you will learn about the different types of healthcare equipment, maintenance techniques, safety considerations, regulations and standards, inventory and asset management and data management. Our experienced tutors will guide you through the course materials and you’ll have the opportunity to interact with other students through online discussions and activities.

We hope you find this course informative and engaging and look forward to helping you achieve your learning goals. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team. Let’s get started on this exciting journey of healthcare equipment management and maintenance!

Learning Objectives

In this Healthcare Equipment Management and Maintenance online course, you will learn about the different types and the importance of maintenance.
You will also learn about safety considerations, regulations and standards, inventory and asset management, and data management. The course will equip you with the knowledge and skills required to effectively manage and maintain healthcare equipment to ensure optimal performance, safety and reliability.


  • Basic computer skills and access to a computer with an internet connection
  • Prior knowledge of healthcare equipment is not required, but it may be helpful
  • Follow the course syllabus and complete all assignments on time.
  • Participate in online discussions and engage with the course materials.
  • Communicate with your instructors if you have any questions or concerns
  • Make use of any additional resources provided by the course provider, such as study guides, tutorials or practice exercises.
  • It's also important to prioritise your time management skills and allow yourself enough time to study and complete assignments to get the most out of the course.

Target Audience

  • The target audience for the Healthcare Equipment Management and Maintenance online course includes healthcare professionals, biomedical engineers, technicians, clinical engineers, equipment mangers, medical equipment sales representatives and anyone who is responsible for the maintenance, management or operation of healthcare equipment. It is also suitable for individuals interested in a career in healthcare equipment maintenance and management.


71 Lessons

Welcome to Healthcare Equipment Management and Maintenance

Introduction to the Healthcare Equipment Management and Maintenance online course. This topic welcomes students to the course and provides an overview of the topics and skills they will learn throughout the course. The topic emphasises the importance of effective management and maintenance of healthcare equipment for optimal performance, safety and reliability. The theme also highlights the target audience for the course and provides basic requirements and instructions for students to follow. Overall, the Welcome to Healthcare Equipment Management and Maintenance topic sets the stage for the course and prepares students for their learning journey.
Introduction to the Program
Course Details

Modules 1 – Inventory- and Stock Management

Inventory and Stock Management covers the essential concepts and skills associated with managing the inventory and stock of healthcare equipment. Students will learn about the importance of maintaining accurate and up-to-date equipment inventories, managing stock levels and tracking equipment usage. It covers best practices for equipment procurement, storage and disposal, and the importance of complying with regulations and standards related to inventory and stock management. Students will also learn about the use of software and tools for inventory management and tracking. Overall, this module provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage the inventory and stock of medical equipment in a healthcare setting.

Module 2 – Workshop Management

Workshop Management focuses on the essential aspects of managing a workshop, which includes planning and organizing the workshop, managing resources and materials, and ensuring smooth execution of maintenance activities.

Modules 3 – Maintenance Execution Program

The Maintenance Execution Program will teach you how to ensure that equipment and facilities are operating efficiently and effectively. The program involves aside from the healthcare framework the creation of a maintenance plan, scheduling maintenance activities, executing the plan, and recording the results of maintenance activities.

Module 4 – (Re-) Training Program

The (Re-) Training Program module focuses on providing a deeper understanding of the procedures and requirements necessary for the successful development of training and re-training programs for Hospital Equipment Managers and Engineers. The objective of this module is to help participants distinguish between trainings, re-trainings, and skills and to identify the necessary resources for accessing these programs.

Module 5 – Contract Management

Contract Management is designed to provide participants with a deeper understanding of the procedures and requirements necessary for successful contract management. This module covers various aspects of contract management, including good contract practices, contract formation and management processes, contract value engineering and change management, the importance of enterprise contract management, procurement support, smart contract management, and contract monitoring, evaluation, reporting, and closing.

Module 6 – Capacity Transfer And Communication Skills

This module focuses on Capacity Transfer and Communication Skills and aims to help participants gain a better understanding of the procedures and requirements necessary for successful capacity transfer and communication skills. The module covers various topics such as transitioning to a trainer, principles of adult learning, training design and material development, powerful presenting, and dealing with tough training situations. By the end of the module, participants should have learned the attitude, knowledge, skills, role, and traits of a trainer, various adult learning styles, NLP techniques, how to write proper objectives, and how to handle nervousness and challenging trainees during training sessions.

Module 7 – Reinforcement Training

The Equipment Management and Maintenance Training Programme focuses on Reinforcement Training, where participants will work on a case study to apply the lessons learned from previous modules in a practical way. The case study will involve using Löwenstein Medical's Prisma VENT30-C ventilator as an example to apply the acquired knowledge. The goal of the workshop is to reinforce the participants' knowledge and ensure that they can apply it pragmatically in managing and maintaining medical equipment.

Course Exam and Certificate

Your Instructors

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Student Feedback

17 Ratings

Reviews (17)

I had a great learning experience. Now, I have great insight

very educative and eye opener.

good course

It was really an eye opener for my daily task at my workplace. I know that after this my output would be much better.
Thank you Hospital Engineering for this opportunity. I recommend this course to every biomedical engineer.

Excellent program

The Course was very educative. I would love to have more of such trainings to widen my knowledge in the Biomedical Engineering field. Thank you to all the tutors who made this training/course a success.

The course on Healthcare Equipment Management and Maintenance is very engaging and interactive through a variety of techniques, such as using multimedia content like videos and animations, providing interactive quizzes and incorporating discussion forums or other opportunities for students to interact with each other and with instructors. nIt is well-organized and easy to navigate. The course materials are logically structured, with clear instructions and expectations for students. It is easy for students to find the information they need and to keep track of their progress through the course.nAnother important aspect of this course is the quality of the instructional design, ensuring that the learning objectives are clearly defined and aligned with the course content, and that the assessments are aligned with the learning objectives. Additionally, the course materials are accessible and inclusive, accommodating a variety of learning styles and abilities.nOverall, the course provides a high-quality learning experience that is engaging, well-organized, and well-supported. It is designed with the needs of students in mind, and should be continuously evaluated and updated to ensure that it remains effective and relevant.nHospital Engineering Academy, THANK YOU.

Very educative and knowledge gain is highly appreciative.
Time for training module should be extended.

It was a good experience and I would like to be engaged in more of us Chy trainings.

Thank you

Great course and very insightful.
Thank you

I have gained great insight and knowledge in equipment management and maintenance, especially regarding inventory management.

I have received the necessary training on managing healthcare equipment. My technical and managerial scope has been broadened through the various courses in the module and I will make sure to apply these new set of skills in my daily activities as the Equipment manager of my facility.

Very interesting and eye opening. Learnt a lot of new things especially in contract management, workshop management, inventory and stock management and designing an effective PPM calendar.
I would recommend this for all Biomedical engineers in the clinical setting most especially for those yet to enter this area, so they know how to go about the maintenance and management of hospital equipment very well.

Thank very much you for this opportunity.

A comprehensive course on hospital equipment management spanning equipment maintenance right to administrative stuff like procurement, contract management, and training. The course is interspersed with interactive quizzes and exercises that engage the trainee. Great work done by facilitators and course creators.

Enrolling in this course has given me more insight into how healthcare Equipment is managed. the experience was tough but great and I will make sure to put whatever I learnt into Practice. I am really excited to be part of this program.

I think this a very good training program and I highly recommend that every HTM is taking through this thoroughly. I have learnt a lot during this training which I am sure are going to help me in a long way. Of all the Modules, Inventory Management was of particular interest to me and knowledge from this module is going to help me improve massively in my annual report writing.

The course is challenging in a very good way.
i have been challenged and inspired to enforce and institute changes of right practices in my work environment

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