Health & Hygiene, Infection Prevention & Control and Personal Protective Equipment

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Introduction to Health & Hygiene, Infection Prevention & Control, and Personal Protective Equipment

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Ensuring the safety of patients and helthcare workers in the healthcare industry requires a throughough awareness of and adherence to Infection Prevention and Control (IPC), as well as the usage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This course has been meticulously designed to provide comprehensive insights into these crucial areas, ensuring clarity and understanding for all participants.

Throughout the course, each aspect of health and hygiene, IPC, and PPE is thoughtfully explained and demonstrated, allowing for seamless integration of these practices into your daily healthcare routines. This strategic approach ensures that participants learn the concepts and become proficient in using them in their individual healthcare settings.

A Comprehensive Reference: Course Summary

As a valuable resource for continuous learning, we present a detailed summary of all the key topics covered in this course. This comprehensive reference document is designed to be a quick and efficient guide, allowing participants to revisit and reinforce their understanding of health and hygiene practices, IPC procedures, and the correct use of PPE.

Access the PDF containing topics, each paired with detailed explanations and practical guidelines. This resource is intended to serve as a reliable companion, supporting your ongoing exploration and mastery of these essential healthcare practices.

We believe that a solid foundation in health and hygiene, Infection Prevention and Control, and PPE usage is key to professional growth and patient safety. The knowledge and skills covered in this course are not just theoretical; they are the keys to unlocking a deeper understanding of healthcare safety and efficacy.

Thank you for embarking on this learning journey with us. We trust that this resource will be a valuable asset in your pursuit of excellence in healthcare safety.

Welcome to the Health & Hygiene, Infection Prevention & Control, and Personal Protective Equipment Course!

This comprehensive course has been designed to provide you with a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in maintaining high standards of health and hygiene, effective Infection Prevention and Control measures, and the correct use of Personal Protective Equipment in healthcare settings.

Whether you are a healthcare professional, a student, or someone with a keen interest in healthcare safety, this course is tailored to suit your needs. You will learn about various aspects of health and hygiene, standard IPC procedures, the safe administration of injections, and the role of PPE in different healthcare scenarios.

Our expert instructors will guide you through each section of the course, providing you with hands-on experience through quizzes. You will have the opportunity to engage with other participants, share your ideas, and learn from their experiences.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate that can help you stand out in the competitive job market. We are excited to embark on this learning journey with you and can’t wait to see what you achieve!

Learning Objectives

Enhanced understanding of Health & Hygiene in healthcare facilities and its solutions through Infection Prevention & Control and Personal Protective Equipment. This course provides a comprehensive overview of the implemented steps to achieve a proper hygiene standard, giving the participants a deep understanding how to protect all, workers and patients.
Practical experience in each section of the course: The course includes a script and quizzes that enable participants to gain practical experience in each section of the course.
Improved skills and knowledge: Participants will acquire a new range of new skills and knowledge throughout the course, including Standard IPC procedures, steps for safe injuctions, a case study, pharmaceutical manufacturing hazards, PPE solutions and more.
Improved empoyability: The skills and knowledge gained through this course can enhace participants employability in the healthcare industry, enabling them to make a positive impact in their roles.
Overall, completing the Health & Hygiene, Infection Prevention & Control and Personal Protective Equipment course can provide participants with a range of valuable benefits that can positively impact their careers in the healthcare industry.


  • Basic understanding of healthcare industry and terminology
  • Access to a computer or mobile device with an internet connection
  • Basic proficiency in English language

Target Audience

  • The Health & Hygiene, Infection Prevention & Control and Personal Protective Equipment course is targeted towards professionals who are involved in healthare delivery and patient care. This includes doctors, nurses, clinical staff, and anyone else involved in the healthcare industry who has an interest in Health & Hygiene, Infection Prevention & Control and Personal Protective Equipment.


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Health & Hygiene, Infection Prevention & Control and Personal Protective Equipment

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